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Headphone repair Services in India


Ever stuck with a brand new pair of headphones that suddenly stopped working ? Are you finding it difficult to let go off your pair of earphone you’ve had spend time listening music to ? Tired of being rejected by service centres that are at far off places ? Fed up by the monopoly of the big audio company’s policy of use and throw ?

Your one stop solution to all headphone problem: AURUM ELECTRONICS


– We repair all branded headphones. Be it from low end spectrum right up to high end. We don’t judge any music ,  why should we differentiate the price of headphone. Everyone is important to us
-We believe service is key to any business. We are taking our optimum efforts to solve your headphone problem in a timely manner. Don’t trust us , read our reviews
-We have inhouse certified experts . If there is a problem , it will be solved
-You don’t have to travel or be in a specific location to avail our service. From kashmir to kanyakumari , we offer pan india service so that you won’t be disappointed
What are you waiting for ? Call AURUM ELECTRONICS because MUSIC IS FOREVER